Sterling Silver Füllfederhalter

Sterling Silver Füllfederhalter
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Fountain pen is handmade in our silversmith atelier in Aosta Valley, Italy. The pen body and cap... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sterling Silver Füllfederhalter"
Fountain pen is handmade in our silversmith atelier in Aosta Valley, Italy. The pen body and cap are made of solid sterling silver (925) decorated with vintage guillochè design - vintage fine barleycorn. Guillochè is a traditional way of engraving using the diamond cutting tools. It’s a “dying” art as only few artisans are able to maintain these machines and perform beautiful vintage engravings. Handmade silver carved emblem "The square and Compasses" is embodyment of SPLENDID ARTISTIC MEMENTO AND TRIBUTE TO FREEMASONRY
Our clients are assured to buy truly precious writing instruments as our company belongs to the Italian silversmith guild, which complies with both compulsory Italian and European law. This compliance is verified by marking each writing instrument with a rhombus shaped stamp encasing the mark “*AO 28”, our guild symbol and oval stamp "925". These stamps insure each customer that we are using solid silver 925.
Our fountain pens are updated with double-use refilling system - both converter or cartridges can be put. The pen is delivered with pumping converter inside and a set of 6 cartridges for gift that further can be bought in stationary shops all over the world.
The pen has gold-plated 18 kt. steel nib, Medium size. Other (Fine, Extra Fine, Broad and very Broad) nib sizes are available on request without any charge.
We ship the fountain pen encased in a made-in-Italy pen gift box with the authentic origin certificate. Lifelong technical assistance is guaranteed.
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